How to Moisturize 4c Hair Daily: Low or High Porosity Hair

how to moisturize 4c hair dailyImagine this. It’s 7:00 PM and your super excited about the festivities you have planned for the evening.

You’re going out with your girls and it’s a “must” that your look be on point.

Somehow, you already know what you’re going to wear and your makeup will be a cinch, because of the new palette you just bought.

The last thing you have to do is tackle your mane, but there’s an issue…

You still haven’t figured out the how to maintain and moisturize your hair, since starting your natural hair journey.

Your hair feels dry, brittle and frizzy; your curls are not “popping” the way you envisioned.

This raises the question, how do you moisturize 4c hair daily?

The best way to moisture 4c hair daily is to use a water based, leave-in conditioner, preferably in a spray bottle. This will give your hair the moisture it needs until you reach your next wash day.

If you want to see some additional methods to moisturize your hair and fast track your growth, keep reading…

5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

  1. Make sure water is the main ingredient in your moisturizer of choice.
  2. Use an oil to help seal in that moisture.
  3. Limit your exposure to heat.
  4. Deep Condition.
  5. Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillow.

Let’s Talk About Porosity for a Second

When we talk about porosity in terms of hair, we’re basically referring to your hair’s ability to retain moisture. Porosity is mainly genetic, but many factors can influence your hair’s porosity level. Those factors include, environment, climate, stress, products and maintenance. Your porosity level dictates the methods and the products you use to keep your hair healthy.

Low porosity hair characteristics:

      • Hair takes a significant time to dry
      • Is resistant to moisture, because the cuticles are closed
      • Products seem to just sit on your hair
    • Your hair doesn’t have much volume or elasticity even though it may look healthy

High porosity hair characteristics:

      • Hair is often frizzy
      • It may feel dry and dull
      • Quickly absorbs and loses moistures
      • The cuticles get stuck on each other, so it tangles very easy
    • More often than not, it’s over-processed and damaged

Now, you should understand porosity and how it plays a very important role on how to moisture you 4c hair.  Use the test below to find your porosity level.

What’s My Hair Porosity Level?

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Reading your results

  • If you scored between 65% and 100% you have low porosity hair.
  • With a score  between 35% and 64% your hair has a porosity in the middle range.
  • Lastly, if you scored between 1% and 34% you have high porosity

With your results in hand, let’s get to the routine. Earlier we learned that the method you choose to moisturize your hair will depend largely on your hair’s porosity level. With that in mind, there are two widely known moisturizing methods; LOC and LCO.

How to Moisturize 4c Hair Daily With the L.O.C Method

L.O.C. stands for liquid, oil ,cream and refers to the order in which you should apply these products to your hair. The L.O.C. method works best for those of us with high porosity hair. Remember, high porosity hair absorbs moisture very quickly, but the trade-off is, it loses moisture almost just as fast.

Step 1.

Using liquid is the first step of LOC. The liquid can be water or a water based, leave in conditioner. Also, this method works best when its applied to hair that has already been cleaned. Grab your spray bottle, if you’re using water, or you favorite leave-in.

You want to work the liquid into your hair, using a generous amount. Section your hair off into four to five sections, and work the product into your hair, starting at the roots and moving to the ends. By doing this, your hair is fully moisturized and easier to manage.

Step 2.

Next you’ll use oil to help lock in that moisture. They key here, is to apply just enough oil, based on you hair’s porosity level.  Usually, this is going to be a thin layer. Your going to work this into your hair the same way you did in the previous. Just be sure not to pull and tug on your hair too hard as you work the product in.

Step 3.

The final step is apply a cream to your hair. In our opinion, a butter based cream, free of mineral oil, dyes and artificial fragrances, works best. Rub the cream between your palms and work it into your hair, starting at the roots. In addition to adding more moisture, this final step should help define your natural curl pattern.

How to Moisturize 4c Hair Daily With the L.C.O Method

L.C.O stands for liquid, cream, oil. The obvious difference between LOC and LCO are the C and the O. Actually, it goes much deeper than just the order, in which you apply the cream and oil. The LCO method is better suited for low porosity hair. The theory here is, since low porosity hair is dry by nature, get as much moisture into your hair, as possible, before sealing with oil.

Step 1.

This step is the same as in the LOC method, so there’s no need to cover it again.

Step 2.

This is where the game changes. For this step you should opt for a water based cream. You want something that will add additional moisture to your hair without weighing it down. Apply the wet cream to you hair, from root to tip.

Step 3.

Now it’s time to seal in all of that moisture. We recommend using an oil that will helps to strengthen hair follicles and promote growth. Tropic Isle Living- Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an excellent choice This time you’ll apply a generous amount of oil. Work from the roots and cover each part of you hair.

In the comment section, below tell us how you moisturize your hair and if your hair is high or low-porosity.

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