How To Make 4c Hair Grow Fast in 12 Easy Steps

How to make 4c hair grow fast

I have 4c hair and my dream, along with many other women, is to have long hair, flowing from the crown of my head to the islands of Timbuktu. Many of us feel hair is our crowning beauty. So what’s how do you make 4c hair grow?

The best way to make 4c hair grow fast is to be consistent with your growth regimen and have patience by giving it time to work. Jumping back and forth from routine to routine or product to product will only stunt your growth. Let’s take a look at what that means and also, the best tips and tricks to help your 4c hair grow tremendously.

What is Type 4 hair?

First off, type 4 hair is what most sisters in the black community have. Type 4 hair is known to be kinky, possess tight coils, wiry and extremely fragile. It’s fragility amounts to the fact that it is a very dry hair type. The type comes in four variants 4a, 4b, and 4c. 

It has a distinct soft cotton-like definition to its appearance. The hair strands are known to possess a “S” shape. It shares most of its similarities with 4b hair, the major difference being that 4c hair is more tightly coiled.

12 Steps on How to Make 4c Hair Grow Fast?

1. Regularly Wash Your Hair

This is a major key if you’re really serious about upping your hair game. Washing your hair helps cleanse your scalp of dirt and excess product stuck in it.

A clean scalp will ensure that your hair grows effectively and efficiently. So, don’t skimp on those wash days. Wash days may not be fun, but they sure are essential.

2. Deep Condition Regularly

4c hair thrives on moisture. This hair type is known to get very dry easily. Dry hair is brittle hair. In order to achieve consistent hair growth, it is imperative you deep condition at least weekly. Deep conditioning is key to regaining all the moisture your hair naturally loses.

3. Shampoo Washing

Endeavor to wash your hair with shampoo. The clause here is that you don’t do it too often. This is because too much shampoo will end up drying out the scalp. That is a no-no, 4c hair thrives only when there is ample moisture. Use creamy shampoos as a preferred choice. Lastly, avoid shampoos with sulfate in them, they encourage dryness.

4. Never Comb Hair When Dry

This is definitely a no-no. Combing your hair when dry will only result in its extreme breakage and damage.

When your hair needs combing, make sure you wet it properly with water, so as to make it softer and easier to comb through. Also, wide-toothed combs should be your preferred choice, this is because they help minimize hair breakage.

5. Comb Carefully

 When combing your hair, it pays to be slow and methodical about it. Never rip through knots or tangles, as this will only lead to hair loss and breakage. When you feel a knot in your hair, gently use your finger to loosen or free the knot. Doing that will reduce and eliminate hair breakage to the barest minimum.

Half Way Home, 4c Hair Growth is the Goal

6. Less Manipulation

Resist the urge to always fix and fiddle with your hair. The less you manipulate your hair, the stronger your hair becomes. It pays to simply wear it in protective styles, where its strands are tucked in and away from elemental factors i.e cold weather conditions.

Some protective hairstyles include buns, cornrows, braids etc. Minimal manipulation also ensures that your hair length increases consistently. Also, it is advisable that you use a creamy humectant on your hair to further give it more protection.

7. Avoid Drying Products

Whether it is a gel or shampoo, avoid using hair products that have the tendency to dry out your hair. As said before dry hair is brittle hair. When your hair gets dry, it will inadvertently lead to hair breakage. Moisture is the name of the game when it comes to 4c hair growth.

8. Use Products With Loads Of Slip

When thinking of how to make 4c hair grow fast, this cannot be overemphasized. Using products that possess an ample amount of slip will make it easier to loosen those tough knots and tangles. It is very important as we all know how frustrating 4c knots and tangles can get.

9. Trim Your Hair

This is another important commandment in the “how to make 4c hair grow fast” manual. Trimming your hair will rid it of those pesky split ends. Trimming also helps in making styling easier.

These Last 3 Steps Are Often Forgotten…

10. Proper Diet

Hair like every other body part needs the right nutrition to grow. Eating a proper diet filled with good nutrients your hair needs to grow is very important. Your diet should consist equal parts of:

    • proteins e.g potatoes, soy, eggs etc
    • vitamins e.g Vitamin B, C, E and Iron
    • vegetables e.g Spinach

11. Sleep Protection

When going to sleep, it is advisable you cover your hair with a silk or satin cap. This will help reduce the amount of breakage that occurs due to tossing and turning. Your 4c hair protection is a full time job.

12. Give It Time

Hair growth is not magic or an exact science. Be patient with your hair, and you’ll be blown away with the results you can achieve.

There you have it. Tips and tricks on how to make 4c hair grow fast. Having the hair of your dreams is not beyond your reach. With dedicated care and attention to your 4c hair, the possibilities are limitless.

Go on then, “hair goals” is just a step away.

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