The Best Satin Lined Caps for 4c Hair: Protect Your Hair!

Best Satin Lined Caps for 4c

One of my worst habits is following my hair regimen to the letter and not protecting my hair while I sleep. I tried using satin scarves in the past, but I sleep wild… so they would slid right off. I’d wake up to hair that was matted and flat in back. I also, started to notice some breakage.

One of the best ways to protect hair and still look stylish is using a slap cap. I can literally, make an early morning store run; even before I do my hair.  And since, I’m already wearing my slap cap, no one has to know what’s going on underneath.

So this got me thinking, what’s the best satin lined caps for 4c hair?

After doing some research and after some trial and error, I think the best satin lined caps for 4c hair are made by Grace Eleyae. They’re designed with natural hair in mind and keep your hair protected, moisturized and tangle-free. 

The Best Satin Lined Caps for 4c Hair at a Glance

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Rank Brand Price
1 Grace Eleyae Satin-Lined Sleep Cap (SLAP)
2 Glow by Daye Satin Bonnet-Premium

Always Eleven Satin Lined Knit Beret Hat


Grace Eleyae Women’s Baseball Cap, Satin Lined Dad Hat

If your looking for an easy way to keep your hair protected and not be ashamed to go out in public — before your hair is done, a slap cap might be the option for you.

Keep reading to find out which satin lined caps I like the most and why.

1. Grace Eleyae, Satin-Lined Sleep Cap

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The inside is made from polyester Charmeuse Satin. The outside is made of a Rayon/Elastane blend

It comes in small, medium and large sizes. Medium seems to fit most and has the following specifications.

10.5 in long with plenty of Stretch – 22 (relaxed) to 27-28 inches (stretched)

It also comes in a variety of colors, red, navy, black, maroon, purple, teal.

Who’s it for?

It was designed for women with natural hair, mainly in the type 4 range.

Anyone can benefit from using, but women with 4c hair will see the most benefits, because their (our) hair is the most prone to breakage.

Also a great choice for cancer patients who experience hair loss from chemotherapy.


  • Prevents tangles and knots
  • Combats frizziness
  • Prevents breakage
  • Stays on your head at night
  • Is stylish and can be worn anywhere


  • Some customers have stated the elastic wears off over time

My final Opinion

At this moment in time I refuse to go to bed a night without my slap for Grace Eleyae. So far, its the only reliable way I found to protect my hair. I am concerned about the complaints of the elastic wearing out, but luckily I have two. If you’re a wild sleeper like me, this slap may be a good option for you. You can check out the latest price here on Amazon.

2. Glow by Daye Satin Bonnet-Premium

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The Daye Satin Bonnet is made from a High-grade satin material for protect and maintain your hair. This material is also, hypoallergenic which is a benefit for those with sensitive skin.

It’s reversible which provides some level of versatility and also comes double layered, which makes it more durable than other bonnets.

It comes in an extra large size, but has an adjustable drawstring to fit just about any head.

Who’s it for?

This works for woman of all hair types and styles. Those with longer hair styles, such as braids, dreads, etc…, will see the most benefits.


  • Fits all head sizes
  • Protects from breakages and tangles
  • Durable
  • Cost effective


  • Customers have complained the dye in the bonnet can come off if you put product in your hair before putting the bonnet on.
  • You have to adjust the drawstring every time you put it on and remove
  • Isn’t very stylish to wear outside of the house.

My final Opinion

This bonnet can definitely benefit naturals with longer hair styles, but I won’t be picking up another one anytime soon. It’s too much work for me and that means I won’t use it regularly, which defeats the whole purpose of having it.

If bonnets are your thing, you can purchase it on Amazon.

3. Always Eleven Satin Lined Knit Beret Hat


The outer material of this hat is 100% Acrylic Knit. The inside lining is made of 100% Polyester Satin.

It comes in one size, “Approximately 8 inches wide (across brim) x 7.5 inches long (crown to brim). Fits on head circumferences of up to approx. 25 inches.”

It also comes in a variety of colors that include, black, pink, beige, cream, gold and grey.

Who’s it for?

This works best with type 4 hair naturals who are concerned about protecting their hair in the cold.


  • Protects hair while also keeping your head warm
  • Very stylish


  • Not really a good choice for use overnight
  • It only comes in one size
  • Some have complained the quality doesn’t fit the price.

My final Opinion

This Satin lined beret seems like the perfect option during cold winter months. Outside of that I wouldn’t sleep it on wear all the time. With the knit outside and the satin lining it can get quite hot actually. For me it’s a nice to have more than a need to have. It made be right for you though, especially if you leave in a colder climate.

If need to keep your head warm and your hair protected, check out the most recent price on Amazon.

Grace Eleyae Women’s Baseball Cap – Slap – Satin Lined Dad Hat


This cap is 100% cotton on the exterior. The inside is made from a 97% Polyester and 3% Elastane Weave.

It has a buckle closure with a “Pull-thru Back Strap”

It comes in sizes 6 1/2 to 7 1/2. This means it will fit head circumferences of 20 and 1/4 to 23 and 1/4.

Comes in colors black, white, navy and more

Who’s it for?

Women with natural hair, who want a different option when it comes to style.


  • Protects from breakage and frizziness
  • Very stylish and modern
  • High-quality


  • Not the best option if you have big hair
  • The cap runs large

My final Opinion

This will definitely be my next purchase of a satin lined cap. I love to wear caps, but it’s always at the expense of protecting my hair. This also seems like it would be a good option for men with waves. If you like this style, check out the latest price here on Amazon.

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