The Best Clip-Ins for 4c Hair: Your Hair Will Thank You

Here’s why I love 4c hair clip-ins…

The transition stage is a tough period for most natural women. I know it was for me. During this time you may not feel as confident about the way your hair looks. With time though, you’ll learn to love YOU more and also your hair will grow.

For most of us this means having patience, but you do have some additional options. One way to weather this period is using 4c hair clip in extensions.

These clips in will add give you length and variety. They also give you a glimpse of what’s to come. And finally they’re an excellent choice as a protective style.​

Below, are best clip-in extensions for 4c hair, in my opinion…

Product Details
Our Top Rated! 

Kinky Curly Yaki

My Kinks™- Clip Ins

best 4c hair clips ins

100% human hair. Available in volumes of 60g to 220g. Best combination of quality and affordability.
best 4c hair clip in extensions



Kinky Textured Wefted Hair

Kinky hair is the hair that has been tailored to match 4B & 4C hair.
best clip ins for 4c hair


Ms. Fenda

Afro Kinky Curly 4B 4C Clip In

4c hair extensions clip ins

The almond milk is the perfect protein that absorbs deep into the hair folliclesbest 4c hair clip ins

The Best Clip-Ins for 4c Hair: In-depth Reviews

Kinky Curly Yaki My Kinks™- Clip Ins

Top Rated Overall

best 4c hair clip ins extensions


My Kinks Clips-ins are 100% human hair clips ins. They’re steam pressed to resemble the curl pattern of natural 4c hair. Also, the shine on the hair is a low-lustre which makes for easy blending. My Kinks come in various volumes to provide the exact coverage you need:

  • 60g – 5 pieces
  • 120g – 9 pieces
  • 160g – 9 pieces
  • 220g – 9 pieces

They can be cut, styled, dyed and even washed to fit your particular hair goals.

Who’s it for?

Perfect for women with natural 4c or 4b hair who are looking to add length or looking for beautiful protective style. Can be used with other hair types, but blending may be hard to do.


  • 100% Human Hair
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Comes with satin bag and hair care instructions
  • Blends well


  • Only comes in natural colors – black to dark brown

Customer Reviews

My final Opinion

By far, Kinky Curly Yaki’s My Kinks are my favorite 4c clip ins. Their combination of price and quality can’t be matched. Believe me, I’ve looked around. On top of that, the CEO is a woman of color who has her stuff together. I love to support black owned businesses that are handling business the right way.

HerGivenHair Kinky Textured Clip-in Hair Extensions

Best Qualitybest 4c hair clip in extensions


100% virgin human hair

The lustre is at the lowest level which makes it blend beautifully.

The hair has been processed to match 4B and 4C hair

It’s available in lengths from 12 inches all the way up to 22 inches (Remember this is the full length of the hair fully stretched. The length of the hair in it’s kinky state is around 40 – 45% of it’s stretched length).

It comes in natural color or you can add the coloring service for an extra $20

It’s also recommended that you co-wash the hair before your first install. This crucial step helps to reduce tangling.

Who’s it for?

Best for women with natural 4c or 4b hair who are looking to add length and are willing to spend the extra money for the best quality hair.


The quality of this hair can’t be match anywhere else, when it comes to natural hair clip-ins


The price is expensive

Customer Reviews

My final Opinion

HerGivenHair, Kinky Textured Clip-in Hair Extensions are top of the line in quality. The price you pay for these clip-ins come at a premium, but it’s well worth it, in my opinion. If you have the money to spend and want the best quality you can find, these are the 4c clip-ins to go with.

Ms. Fenda Afro Kinky Curly 4B 4C Clip In

Best Price


  • Comes in 5 lengths; 14”, 16”, 18”, 22” and 24”
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Comes in a natural color, which means it’s an off black.
  • For a full head you will definitely need at least 2 bundles. If you want a thicker fuller look than 3 bundles might be a better option.

Who’s it for?

Works best for women with natural 4c and 4b type hair


  • The price is very cheap compared other 4c hair clip in extensions on the market; I’m talking 30 – 50% cheaper.
  • Good quality for the price and the hair holds up IF you take care of it properly.
  • I also like how the actually clips are very sturdy compared to other brands.


  • The hair is a bit shiny and doesn’t blend as well as some of the more expensive brands.
  • Doesn’t hold curl pattern well after coloring and other process, so you have to be delicate with it.

Customer Reviews

My final Opinion

If price is a big concern I would definitely go with these clip ins. Price is the one area they can’t be matched. These clip ins take more work and care to maintain than more expensive brands, but if you don’t mind a little effort they may be perfect for you.

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